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Community Patch 1.73: Changelog

In the following all real changes are entered which found their way into Community Patch 1.73.
Included are the bug fixes which were already available in the previous Community Patches, as well as the fixes from version 1.12 .

Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.73

XII. Community Patch v1.73

- Texture/Shadow/Light flickering eliminated (occured on ATI 4xxx serie cards).
- Bug corrected where audio system always cached out sound even if property said "no".
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements.
+ Added czech manual to installer.
- Modding manuals updated.

+ HDR Rendering.
+ Soft particles.
+ Improved bloom effect.
+ Leaf subsurface scattering (only with activated Rim Lighting and Shader 3.0).
+ Heat haze. (At minimum Shader 2.0. Always on, exception: few fire places, because the world has not been recompiled).
- Terrain shadows on faraway trees corrected.
- Some texture/material changes.

- Saturas now also hands out his key when the hero talks to him the first time ever after exploring Al Shedim.
+ Some info file parameters added.
+ "Storyhelper" (sh) has more detailed dialog options to increase or decrease reputation.
- Some speech outputs in russian game version corrected.
- The hero now drinks the bottle of booze he gets from Flint.
- Tippler, Hjalte and Garik now drink booze at adequate points of the conversations, Hjalte also eats some meat.
- If Ugolf tells the hero about Tjalf's chest, there's an additional small piece of dialog available after looting the chest.
- Dialog with Masil after cancellation of the quest "Debt and debility" corrected.
+ Subtitles are available now when the hero reads out what he finds at bookstands and stone tablets.

+ Some quest file parameters added.

Ingame menus
- Icons of cudgel, heavy branch, Nordmarian sword, recipe for mana potion, recipe for Nordmarian sword, recipe for El Bastardo, Meteor and the perk "Take animal skins" corrected or improved, resp.

- It's not possible anymore to get Lester's, Ilja's and Yussuf's temple key and Masil's promissory notes twice.

NPC behaviour
+ New "political" alignment PAL_Pirate. (Not actually in use yet.)
+ NPCs now can react aggressive on armor of other "political" fractions. (Not actually in use yet.)

Perks and magic
+ New scroll "Group Hypnosis".
+ New function "MagicSummonCompanion" for new kinds of summoned companions. (Not actually in use yet.)

- Some errors in German texts corrected.
- Some errors in Italian texts corrected.

Only with AI switch turned on:
- Whirlwind attacks with two-handed weapons can now be blocked completely.
- A strong hit with two swords will break through a block.

The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing save games:
- Sigmor's chest is no "weapon chest" anymore (error from CP 1.70).
- El Bastardo corrected.
- Krush Irmak afflicts damage again

XI. Community Patch v1.72

- Fixed some installer issues (remove unistall QP3, russian manual etc).
- Added italian manual to installer.
- Updated docs ru/it/pl.
- Updated strings (de/ru) and speech (ru).
- Small change for font issue.
- The hero can also block directly after a leftclick while holding a shield.

X. Community Patch v1.71

- No "red textures" anymore on graphic cards with shader 2.0a or 2.0b. (But red textures remain with shader 2.0 only cards like Radeon 9500-9800.)
- Display of ingame time will be updated directly after loading a savegame.
- The installer will not uninstall the game X3 anymore.
- CP credits video updated.

- Fireball has its old looks again, but doesn't illuminate the surroundings.
- New option "softer water" (only with Shader 3.0 and higher).
- Problem fixed where the sky was full of large moons.

- Rain and wind sounds will start and end with the corresponding graphic effects.

- When the hero talks to Julio after Hassan's death and before the quest "Ore thieves" was started, the dialog menu will not offer Julio's sentence "There was another fellow with him, but I couldn't make out who he was."

Ingame menus
- The protection values in the character menu will now include the effects of the perks "improve robes" or "improve armor". (Note: Without AB the perks affect the entire protection of armor, shield, helmet, rings, and amulet; with AB they only effect the actual armor.)

Inventory related topics (trading, looting, etc.)
- Temmy sells stone tablets again.
- When looting a mage or shaman by using the "Take all" key, the "amount" counter of the spells fireball and ice lance in the spellbook will not increase.
- When looting Thorald by using the "Take all" key after Thorald received his armor, Thorald's face will not be deformed.

- Problem solved where magic and ranged weapons didn't injure NPCs.
- Error in "rage mode" of animals corrected.

- The hero can block directly after a leftclick.
- When opening an ingame menu and using the mouse wheel without clicking somewhere before, the game will not crash to desktop anymore.

- Several Czech subtitles corrected.
- Some text errors corrected in German version.
- Some text errors corrected in Spanish version.
- Russian version of the regular manual added.
- "Manual for modders" updated in both German and English version.


Only with AI switch and/or "Alternative Balancing" turned on:

- After the hero was knocked down or killed when fighting against Xardas, Xardas and his army of darkness won't attack the undead servant.

IX. Community Patch v1.70

- Gothic 3 starts only once at the same time.
- It's not possible to start a new game when there's already a game running.
+ Before starting a new game, an info box with a remark about the Alternative Balancing will pop up.
+ Check of the minimum system requirements (shader version and size of the memory); when the PC system doesn't satisfy the minimum requirements, the game will instantly cancel with an error message.
+ fmodex updated to newer version.
- Packed file buffer size improved.
- Performance improvements.
- Error in vegetation caching corrected.
- Overlapping data removed from statistics screen (CTRL+S).
- Menu bar in marvin mode is available again.
- Mouse pointer in marvin mode can be moved under Vista 64.
- CheckBox operations corrected.
- Bug in keyboard focus after using a menu resolved.
+ New setting “Optimal” for resource cache (leads to an individual calculation).
+ New setting “Very High” in “Details” root menu.
+ New setting “Very High” for object details.
- Changing the "Object details" slider in the menu does not lead to reanimation of the hero anymore.
- "Depth of field" and "bloom" can be (de-)activated separately.
- Version number in main menu moved to a less distracting place.
- Corrected loading behaviour after starting a new game.
- Game doesn't start while the loading screen is still visible.
+ Code update to DirectX 9.0c of November 2008.
+ Installation of DirectX 9.0c of November 2008 - if it hasn't been installed yet.
- Font exchanged in polish version of the game.
- The file kupdate.exe is misleading now, so it's replaced by a dummy file.
- Program consistency check during startup implemented.
+ VSync can be (de-)activated via the video menu. (Only works when VSync is selected as "controlled by application" in the driver's menu.)
- VSync does not slow down the loading of savegames anymore.
- Ingame window for scroll texts broadened.
- Creation of mini dumps for crashes disabled by default.
+ Guru log expanded with more information about the memory.
- Guru logs will be saved in the savegame folder, not the Gothic 3 installation folder.
- Guru resolved which appeared when the hero was hit by a ranged weapon while transforming back to human shape.
- Guru when rendering CubeMaps resolved.
- Guru resolved which appeared when the hero casted "Telekinesis" on an item and somebody else wanted to pick it up at the same time.
- Guru resolved that could appear when starting a "bring NPC quest".
- Guru resolved that could appear when the player moved particularly quick through the Gothic 3 world.
- The Guru that could appear after connecting another monitor to the PC is now a regular windows crash ("Could not create singleton").
- Error in calculation of the ingame-time resolved (some corpses were not unspawned, trader inventories were not refreshed).
- Timestamp bug resolved (example: NPCs could burn or be poisoned/frozen forever).
- Problem resolved that made if difficult for the hero to bring certain objects in focus (e.g. the chest on the tower in Ardea)
- Redundant entries removed from ge3.ini.
+ Added new parameter "DisableDEP" in ge3.ini. This switch deactivates the "Data Execution Prevention" of the operating system for Gothic 3. (Beware: This may lead to problems in the game!)
+ Added new parameter "Threads.Priority" in ge3.ini. This switch can be used to give Gothic 3 a higher priority compared to other applications. (Beware: This may lead to problems in the game!)
+ Handling of .mod and .nod files implemented for easy distinction between "real" G3 files and modifications.

+ To reduce errors when loading and saving savegames, the game will check if enough memory is available. Otherwise loading/saving will be refused.
+ To reduce savegame errors, a temporary savegame is used to save data, and then the desired savegame will be overwritten.
+ Separation of the savegames (CP 1.70 without alternative balancing / CP 1.70 with alternative balancing / before CP 1.70).
+ The savegame number is displayed in the load and save menu.
- Exploit by quicksave while reading a stone tablet resolved.
- Defective savegames with a size of 0 Byte can't be loaded.
- Quickload key deactivated while talking to or trading with a NPC.

- Anisotropic filter corrected.
- Lensflare effekt can be switched off.
- Fire effects of fireballs exchanged for performance reasons.
- Movement of leafs and branches corrected.
+ Longleaf pine trees made slightly bushier.
+ Slider for vegetation view range implemented.
- Vegetation can also be switched on if Gothic 3 was started with vegetation switched off.
- More errors in the lighting of vegetation resolved.
- Edge of shore is less grainy, and color of water has been changed.
- Modified gras texture to lessen the flicker effect.
- After switching shadows off and on again during the game, the shadows will now reappear earlier.
- Problem when casting shadows e.g. on dunes and snowy hills) toned down.
- Wine bottles are red instead of green now.
- The colour of Saturas' hands fits the color of his head's skin.
- Wargs now have black fur and a different eye color.
- Eliminated unaesthetic seams at the backside of some NPC's heads and necks.
- “Desert Racers”, “White Shadowbeast”, and goblin shamans now have the intended looks.
- All icons have been worked over.
- Readability of NPC names etc. improved.
- Bloom effect improved.
- Shader 2.0 materials upgraded to Shader 3.0.
- Some missing normal maps added.
- Missing specular maps of axes added.
- Faulty materials corrected.
+ Rim lighting integrated in Shader 3.0 (optional).
- "Cartoon Shader" not available anymore.
- One has a slightly better vision during sandstorms, snowstorms and fog.
- Fog is no longer calculated cubical, but globular around the hero.
- Sandstorms and fog are less frequent now in Varant.
- Depth of field effect with Shader 3.0 improved.
- Depth of field performance with Shader 2.0 improved.
+ Edge Smoothing implemented for Shader 2.0 and higher.
- New pictures in main menus.
+ While loading a game, 30 different pictures are shown instead of 10.
- Size of Diego's head corrected.
- Bald female slave in Silden now has hairs.

+ Sound when drawing melee weapons included.
+ The waterfalls now have sound.
+ When blessing a weapon, the designated sound is played.
+ Fire crackle turned audible again.
- Noise level slightly reduced for burning NPCs, transformations, drinking, taking antidote and clicking on empty slots of the inventory. Also for the 'Ouch'-ing of the hero when he is wounded.
+ Baskets make another sound than chests.
+ Opening a door now makes a sound.
+ Rain and wind can be heard.
- Implemented Goblin sounds from Gothic 2.
- When returning to the main menu, the music won't change anymore.
- Problem resolved where some sounds became unhearable after changing the volume slider for effects and opening an ingame menu.

- The running animation doesn't stop when the hero takes out or puts away a torch.
- If the hero holds a staff in his left hand and takes (e.g.) his bow while running, the hero won't slide over the ground anymore.
- When the hero is transformed to a meatbug, he will now be animated.
- Eliminated some redundant movements at the beginning of the animations for barbecuing, digging, and forging.
- The hero always jumps when requested.
- Human NPCs now perform the adequate animations at alchemist benches.
- NPCs who are repairing their huts etc. do not stand cluelessly around at their second repair spot.
- Number of situations reduced in which NPCs slide over the ground when they draw or put away their weapon.
- Animals and monsters collapse now, too, when the hero "assassinates" them.
- The hero also tumbles while being hit when he only carries just a torch or staff in his left hand.
- The hero doesn't lie too deep in the water anymore while swimming.
- NPCs look towards their target while cocking their ranged weapon, instead of aiming for the ground.
- Wolves, jackals and wargs run a little bit faster now.

- Gunock is not available as a merchant anymore after the hero denigrated him to Grok.
- Mirzo is not available as a merchant anymore after the hero defeats him.
- Nasib will be available as a teacher at least after solving the quest "Presents for Gonzales".
- Hurit is available as teacher and trader even if Sugut is already dead before the first conversation.
+ The hero now passes Sanchos letter over to Sigmor who will read it.
+ The hero now actually passes Bernados letter over to Bernado or Nafalem resp.
- Kerth hands out the map with the ancestor graves only once.
+ Mojok now drinks the brew that the hero brings him.
- Saturas doesn't hand out his key to the temple of Al Shedim before the hero finds the other four keys.
+ Bengerd voluntarily hands out his fire chalice after the liberation of Montera.
- Vak doesn't take more than 50.000 gold in the quest "Vak needs fifty thousand gold coins for the Hashishin".
- Sentence of Abbas corrected in German version.
- Conditions for two pieces of dialog with or about Dan's slave slightly changed.
- Pieces of dialog with Ateras, Domenik, Giores, and Steve resp. have been assigned to the correct speaker.
- If the hero answers Kaelin's question "Say, are you very busy right now?" with "yes", the hero will say "yes" now instead of "no".
- Will's text "I suppose I don't have a choice" is now audible in English version, too.
- Cobryn's text "Yes, dammit. And it's one helluva job" is now audible in English version, too.
- Sentence "Speaking of people" in dialog with Mannig is now hearable in english version.
- Speech outputs "Mirzo ist ruiniert" and "Innos sei Dank!" (said by Cruz) in the German version added.
- Karlen also goes to Nemora eventually when you have told him to do so, but then ask him to show you the desert.
- Kayor and his nomads will not stand in front of Mora Sul forever when the hero has liberated Mora Sul without support of the nomads.
- You cannot ask Kayor to liberate Mora Sul anymore when the city is already liberated.
- Gnar definitely answers to the sentence "I want to enter the castle!".
- Tom also answers the sentence “I can take the ancestor stone to Nordmar” after the quest “The hunters of Faring” failed.
- Fixed small logical errors in dialogs with Abe, Asam, Bram, Emet, Folleck, Giacomo, Grompel, Hector, Inog, Julio, Kafa, Kerth, Marik, Potros, Pranck, Runak, Sugut, Tangach, Trompok, Wilson and Zapotek.
- Several dialogs with Akrabor, Bogir, Brontobb, Bufford, Campa, Daro, Dargoth, Dawson, Dolok, Grompel, Gunock, Josh, Jensgar, Hanson, Kaelin, Kalesch, Kan, Milten, Rasul, Samuel, Sancho, Silvio, Thorald, Uruk, Vasco, and Zapotek respectively brought in correct order.
- If the hero refused to help the rebels, he won't be able to warn Inog about Zapotek.
- Dialog errors when restarting arena fights against Emet, Fedor, Mortis, and Oelk fixed.
- Dialogs regarding the arena fights in the castle of Faring corrected.
- Rozhov won't talk about arena fights anymore after the hero defeated him.
- Before the hero can start arena fights talking to Felipe and Hernando, he has to ask them about the rules.
- The hero can tell Nefarius that the cave is save only when standing in front of the entrance of Horan Ho's cave.
- The hero can also talk to Carlos about the background of the quest "The ruins of Bakaresh" after prematurely ending the quest.
- After Cole arrived in Nemora, the hero can't report him about Russels death anymore.
- Short piece of dialog with Lester is available earlier.
- Short piece of dialog with Uruk is available now.
- Another single sentence of Gorn and Diego resp. added.
- One can tell Fasim about Yussuf's death when one previously bought information about Yussuf from Fasim.
- Dialogs with Lukar that are inappropriate after the liberation of Ben Erai will be deactivated in time.
- Dialogs with Daryl, Kelvin, Leon, Mason, Osko, Otis, Rufus, Sanford, and Montera's innkeeper that are inappropriate after the liberation of Montera will be deactivated in time.
- Wenzel starts talking on his own ("Those cursed orcs") directly after the quest "Wenzel cleans up" is finished.
- Small dialog errors with "sh" fixed and dialog option “back” added when talking about Ben Sala.
- Dialog line from Seruk exchanged because of a missing speech output.
+ Muntasir mentions a place to sleep in Ishtar.
- The dialog after handing out the druid stone to Bogir will also work if the hero can pickpocket, but didn't pickpocket Bogir yet.
- Before Bogir attacks the hero, the dialog menu will be shut automatically.
- After accompanying Hauke to the prospectors' camp, the dialog menu will also be shut at the end of the conversation if the hero can pickpocket, but didn't pickpocket Hauke yet.
- When the duel with Fasim starts, the dialog menu will close automatically.
- The dialog menu will close automatically when Arakos, Cruz, Diego, Fraser, Gembak, Gorn, Hauke, Hogar, Kirk, Lars, Larson, Leif, Merdarion, Mezir, Mort, Pavel, Riordian, Sanuyem, Wenzel, Xardas, the "Eager slave", or the "Particularly eager slave" lead the hero to his destination point.
- Destination point and timing for Hogars comment improved on the way to the Orcs at the bridge.
- Timing improved for Kaelin's comment during the "orc hunt".
- Timing improved for Mitch's comment on the way to the trolls.
- Option "(Activate shrine.)" included before the hero can hand over the artefacts to Innos.
- If the hero doesn't fulfill the requirements to talk to Beliar, the corresponding piece of dialog will now be played at the Beliar shrine in Bakaresh.
+ Julio now blames the hero for liberations in Varant.
- Added english, german and french speech output for Merdarion when teaching Adanos spells.
+ Added english speech output for Amul:"We do not know if we can trust you."
+ Some speech outputs corrected or added in russian version.
- Situations where two NPCs say the same smalltalk sentences at the same time come up less often.
- Prevention of smalltalk with inappropriate partners (e.g. orcs with slaves etc.).
- Inappropriate comments of friendly NPCs about the hero's victories corrcted.
- Ardea will only be populated by rebels when the hero reports to Javier about the liberation of the town.
- Miltens pictures in the epilogue of the Innos ending corrected.
- Endless loop fixed in dialog with Kan.
- Humans and orcs now say goodbye again after the hero told them: "Go back now!".
- NPCs also move their lips when they are just uttering random comments.
- Bug in refusal dialogs fixed.
- Bug in forced dialog aborts fixed.
- Useless InfoScript_Entities1 entries removed from info files.
- Info files expanded: CondHasSkill, CondPlayerKnowsNot, CondWearsItem, InfoScript command "Erase", recognition of CondItemAmounts=0.

- Some dialogs with Sibur Narad and Hatlod are added to the corresponding mission logs.
- More dialogs are added to the mission log of "Gorn shows you the rebels' hideout."
- The quest "Troll hunting with Mitch" can also be succeeded when Mitch doesn't arrive at his actual destination.
- The quest “Hunt the nasty shadowbeasts” can always be started regularly.
- The quest "Rufus escapes from the grain farm" can't be started anymore when Montera is liberated. So Rufus won't disappear on his way to Okara.
- The quest "Discreet business" can be solved in both versions again.
- The quest "Promissory notes for Gonzales" will be cancelled when the hero hands out the notes to Masil.
- The quests "Reddock needs a smith", "Free Kliff from the orcs on the farm", "Bundles of weapons for Phil", and "Find the rebel underground in Cape Dun" will be canceled when the hero talks to Uruk after destroying Reddock.
- The quests "Destroy the rebel underground in Cape Dun!" and "Destroy the rebel camp Reddock" will be canceled after the liberation of Cape Dun if the hero talks to Phil or Wenzel (and still when talking to Javier).
- The quest "Find the rebel underground in Cape Dun" won't be cancelled, but solved successfully when the hero talks to Phil after the revolution.
- The quest "Gorn shows you the rebels' hideout" will not be canceled by getting a bit too far away from Gorn.
+ When the hero wants to give Wilson too much gold for the quest "Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold coins", the quest will be solved succesfully.
- The quest "Rescue Gorn from the orcs in Gotha" will be solved successfully when Shawn receives the 1000 gold to rebuild Gotha. At least after that, Gorn will go to Gotha and can be asked to accompany the hero.
- The quest "The way to Merdarion" will be solved successfully as soon as Sanuyem comes close enough to Merdarion.
- The quests "The tribute of the temple" and "Bring Lukjan the hunter the money for the pelts" won't be solved successfully anymore when the addressees knock down the hero and loot him.
- You can also bring all “Escaped Slaves” to Freman when you take them to him one by one.
- Fixed the messages regarding boosts of life, mana, or endurance points of the quests “For Innos!” and “For Beliar!”.
- You can't get more than 100% reputation in the cities (also when you still make quests for a city after a liberation)
- The quests "Orc camp wiped out!!!" can be solved in one by one tactics.
- The quest "How loyal are the orcs' mercenaries?" will be cancelled when Sanfords message is given to Roland. In addition, Roland reads the letter during the dialog.
- The quest "Bring Nemrok the artifact from the ruin in the north" will only be succeeded when the hero gives the Shadow scepter to Nemrok.
- The quests "Find the lost paladin Thordir" and "Help the paladin Thordir to get to the castle!" can always be solved - as long as Cobryn and Thordir stay alive.
- The hero will no longer get a reputation point for the orcs for the quest "A plague of bandits in the coastal region". The point will be awarded for the quest "Did the rangers devastate the farm?" instead.
- The quest "Kill the undercover rebel" can regularly be started with Umbrak.
- Quests in which the hero should follow an NPC will be properly cancelled when the liberation of the NPC's town starts, or when the liberation is already running.
- It's still possible to free Lars when the hero talked to Umbrak before talking to Zapotek.
- When the hero attacks Sugut together with Hurit, the quest "A banquet for the vultures" is automatically started.
- When the hero receives reputation points, his total amount of reputation points will be displayed on screen.
- When the hero gives items to an NPC for a quest, it is displayed on screen how many items still have to be delivered.
- The quest "Eliminate the orcs at the temple of Mora Sul" can also be resolved when the hero has already sacrificed the five artifacts of Adanos to a god.
- The hero now receives two smithing skill points for the quest "The moonblade".
- 75% reputation points in Mora Sul made more accessible: For the quests "A sword for Gonzales" and "Promissory notes for Gonzales" one now receives 5 reputation points less each, instead one gets 5 points each for "Orknarok the temple slave" and "Defeat the Paladin in the arena".
- One can release the "emaciated slave" everywhere inside the mine of Lago, not only at the back of the mine.
- Additional way to get the jail key from Fabio implemented.
- Falk won't be unintentionally injured by the hero anymore during the quest "Go snapper hunting with Falk." Same applies to bram during the quest "Hunt the silver wolves with Bram."
- The quest "Eliminate the orcs at the temple of Mora Sul" involves more orcs.
- Quests removed that have never been available in the game anyway.

Ingame menus
+ It's indicated in the description if a potion or plant increases an attribute permanently.
- Missing separation bar added to perk menu.
- Font and background colors in recipes and books have more contrast to each other.
- Description window of inventory items enlarged.
- The bottom of the gold value in large smithing recipes isn't cut off anymore.
- The damage bonus for "self forged" is displayed in smithing recipes.
- In weapon descriptions, the damage bonuses for "self forged", "sharpened" and "blessed" are displayed.
- When wearing armor etc., up to six (instead of four) possible bonuses are regarded.
- Mana costs are now displayed in the item description of magic scrolls.
- When opening the map menu, a world map or detail map will be displayed again by default.
- The entries in the mission log are now sorted in the following order: first region, then town, then quest name.
- Mission log entries are no longer cut off at the bottom.
- The displayed time in the mission log will be updated while the menu is open.
- Icon for "sneaking" is now shown in the character menu.
- Icons of the “Heavy Nomad Armor” and “Normal Nomad Armor” were interchanged.
- The icons for "Spiked cudgel" and "Barbed cudgel" have been exchanged.
- The icons for "Krush Agash". "Krush Irmak", and the Meat axe have been adjusted to the look of the weapon in the game.
- The icons for booze, Nordmar Nogginfog, and the related recipes have been adjusted to the look of the bottles in the game.
+ The recipes for meatbug ragout and for stew now have their own icons.
- The tab "recipes" in the "documents" menu has an own icon.
- The tutorial for using a bow only pops up when one draws a bow - not a crossbow.

Inventory related topics (trading, looting, etc.)
+ Traders sell more arrows and mana potions.
- More carrots available.
+ Vibald sells enough exploding arrows and a recipe for exploding arrows.
+ Pedar sells ore blanks.
+ Peratur and Mezir sell artefacts; the fisher Temmy doesn't sell stone tablets anymore.
+ Faesul sells Endurance potions.
+ Several traders sell more lockpicks now. In exchange, less lockpicks can be found in chests.
- Traders and chests now have more vials.
- Three vials removed from chest in Ardea.
+ Cronos sells more goods.
+ Gamal sells more arrows and bolts during the game.
- Ford's trade inventory fits his dialog lines better.
+ Some NPCs sell Light horned helmet.
- Armon pays more gold for furs.
- Gold supply of the "poor" farmers Farmon and Josh reduced.
- Kalan doesn't sell ore blanks anymore (he claims to need 30 ore blanks himself).
+ Delazar, Gamal, Julio, Kippler, Koraz, Lukar, Mirzo, Potros, Quadir, Temmy, Varant's water vendors and all armor traders now have gold to trade.
+ Campa is now available as a trader right from the start.
- Gold amount and function of "Gold balance" button in trade menu corrected.
- The "Trade" button is only active if the value of the goods on the trader's side is at least one gold.
- If the hero gives gold to an NPC, he can't get it back via looting.
- When the hero loots NPCs or opens his own inventory, he stops running.
- It's not possible anymore to open empty loot inventories of unconscious NPCs.
- NPCs don't have two separate gold stacks in their inventory anymore.
+ One can loot claws from fire lizards.
- It's not possible anymore to loot demon's swords.
- Lester doesn't have the key for the temple of Al Shedim until he arrives in Al Shedim.
- Milten doesn't have his fire chalice until he's in the monastery.
- The Hashishin who ambush Xardas on his way to the portal don't have "Surus' order" in their inventory anymore.

- When leaving the trade menu etc., the hero won't put away torches and staffs unrequestedly.
- When the hero equips armor, weapons and shields, those items will be separated properly in the inventory.
- The hero can change from crossbow to bow without further ado.
- It's not possible to change arrows anymore when the bow is drawn.
- If the hero wants to use a whetstone, a cooking pot, an anvil, an alchemy table or a campfire while holding a torch, the torch will be extinguished (eliminated) and won't be lit up again afterwards.
- You can arm the hero with shield and weapons in the inventory without making him put away a torch (Exception: staffs).
- Two-handed weapons that the hero has in his hands are put on his back when he takes a torch. The same applys for shields.
- When the hero picks up a weapon or a shield from the ground, he'll equip it right away if he fulfills all requirements and has a free slot for the item. If it's his own weapon, the game will try to assign a quickslot.
- The hero can only draw weapons from his back when he still fulfills the requirements.
- When using a magic flame sword, the hero can equip a shield via quickslot.
- After using the last plant or other consumable of a quickslot, the hero won't continue to use or draw things when hitting the quickslot key again.
- Teleport stones won't be drawn by pressing space bar anymore.
- The hero doesn't unequip held staffs after a teleport.
- Bug removed where the hero only feigned to draw his weapons.
+ The paladins who attack Xardas shortly before the portal, and some previously unarmed orc mercenaries now have weapons.
- Mannig now has sword and shield on his back instead of a simple club.
- Guards have only one sort of melee weapons equipped.
+ If the hero hands out Wenzel's sword, it will be attached to Wenzel's back.
- Bug resolved where traders like Hamlar sometimes wore two weapons on their back.
- The hero has his orcslayer on his back at gamestart (as seen in the intro movie).
+ Diego has a better bow now.
- Lester now wears a druid's robe (as seen in the intro movie).
- Angar now wears a nomad raider armor.
- Error eliminated due to which the armor values of the hero could be permanently increased.

- The "Amulet of the hunter" now provides the mentioned dexterity bonus.
- Fixed CP 1.5 error where the hero could get 100% armor protection and thus become invulnerable.
- "Worn" shields provide only half protection.
- Attribute bonuses of "worn" weapons and shields are halved; worn items don't grant bonus perks anymore.
- The broken wooden shield provides less protection.
- Barbed cudgels of stalkers are now "worn". Same applies to lumberjack axes, scythes, and rusty two-handers of slaves.
- It's now possible to take troll horns from black trolls.
- The "Staff of the Eternal Wanderer" is a blunt weapon, not a blade weapon.
- To be able to use the "Quarterstaff", the hero needs the perk "Staff fighting". Damage was increased to 55.
- To be able to use the "Judge's staff", the hero needs the perk "Staff fighting". Damage was increased to 85.
- The hero now only needs the perk "Large weapons" instead of "Large weapons II" to use the weapons "Rusty two-hander" and "Two-hander."
- The hero can sharpen, poison and bless the moon blade again. The former quest exploit has been removed.
- Magic staves that grant a bonus on max. mana or max health also increase the current mana or health points (percental).
- Unwanted poisoning or blessing of wrong items is not possible anymore.
- Poisoned weapons that have been bought or found in chests now actually poison NPCs.
- You can poison as many blade quarrels with one bottle of poison as arrows.
- Blade quarrels don’t lose their attributes (“sharpened”, “poisoned”) after being shot.
- Hits with headknock arrows always cause damage.
- When the hero shoots a fire arrow, there will not be a second arrow falling to the ground.
- Fire arrows and torches now have a focus text.
- "Stew" has different values, "Recipe for stew" has different ingredients.
- Wine refreshes mana instead of stamina.
- The recipe for antidote has a new composition.
- Recipes for poison and special arrows revised.
- The following NPCs will now be kept in the game as long as they have quest items in their inventory: Bengerd, Fabio, Markus, Masil, Rakus, King Rhobar, Treslott, Urkrass, Zuben, and the Demon of Gotha.
- The ancestor stone of Snorre is deleted from the inventory of the orc shaman.
+ In the house with the alchimist's bench in Ardea, empty phials are placed on the right and the left of the entrance.
- The items "stick", "letter", and "burnt torch" don't lie around in the game anymore.
- Unreachable casket in a shelf in Geldern made accessible.
- "Helmet of the first Paladin" moved to another place.
+ Second teleporter stone to Braga placed in the world.
+ Quest items like fish barrels, firewood etc. disappear from the game when one has delivered them to their final destination.
- Weapon packs, milk barrels, wheat sacks, herbaceous lobelia and Masil's promissory notes are now internally considered as quest items, so they disappear from the game after they've been given to an NPC.
- Gold value for special arrows revised.
- The artifacts of Adanos now have a higher gold value. (Purely symbolical - they can't be sold anyway.)
- The "Potion against diseases" comes now in a grey bottle.
- The golden plates that one should bring to Lares now actually look like golden plates.
- When consuming potions, plants etc. that increase attributes permanently, a corresponding message will be displayed.

NPC positioning
- Diego doesn't sit below, above or behind his bench in Braga anymore.
- Vatras does not sleep in a 90° angle on his mat anymore.
- Pedar and Rathgar don't stand inside each other anymore, and so do Jorn and Jensgar.
- The guards between Lukar and Vasco don't stand inside each other anymore.
- The hashishin and the orc at the upper entrance of Ben Sala don't stand inside each other anymore.
- Fasim and the orc don't sit inside each other anymore.
- The hashishins near Benito don't sit inside each other anymore.
- Yussuf is now sitting on top of the sand instead of halfway inside.
- Enzo doesn't hover next to his smithing chimney anymore.
- Several NPCs who were hammering in thin air have been put closer to the hut they were working on, e.g. Tippler, a rebel in Reddock, slaves in Silden and Cape Dun, rebels in Ardea etc.
+ Cave west of the nomad camp near Bakaresh filled with sandcrawlers.
- Merchant who was floating behind his table in Gotha put to the ground.
- NPC moved who stood on a tree trunk after the liberation of Silden.
- There's no barbecue party at the beliar statue in Gotha anymore while the city becomes rebuilt.
- The vultures have been deleted from the game (because of missing animations).
- In Geldern and Silden one orc mercenary each was deleted from the game because they didn't join in the fights during the liberations.
- Emet's resting place moved to the vicinity of the arena.
- The rebel in the hut to the right of the Innos Statue in Okara doesn't sleep underneath his bed anymore.
- The guards at the entrance of Reddock don't stand too close to torches anymore.
- Risk of spawning the undead from "Army of Darkness" into one another reduced.
- Wilson's destination point of the quest "Go lurker hunting with Wilson" improved.
- The sabertooth tigers on Kaelin's way to the orks have been repositioned.
- The scavengers on Mitch's way to the trolls have been repositioned.
- Several misplaced animals (sandcrawler, ripper etc.) corrected.
- When Ishtar has been taken over by nomads, the previous slaves won't be in the town anymore.
- The rebels near Mason, Otis, and Daryl disappear when the population of Montera changes after the liberation.
- The slaves just outside Cape Dun disappear after the rebels took over the city.

NPC navigation
- Larson doesn't climb a cliffy rock face to reach his ore mines.
- Riordian doesn't climb a mountain on his way to Asaru.
- Esiel now can walk between his cettle and his bed without getting stuck. During the night he will be sleeping, in the morning he will find his way out of his house.
- Mezir finds his way to Ramirez also by night without too many detours.
- Mezir does not get stuck to a tree at Murat's oasis.
- Avogadro does not walk back and forth along the fence of Josh's farm anymore while he actually wants to go to Trelis.
- Wenzel won't get stuck at Urkrass' warehouse on his way to Cape Dun's city gate.
- Xardas does not get stuck to a chest by the river near Silden on the way to the portal.
- Gembaks route to Ivan improved.
- Thorald now walks to the meeting point near the Hammerclan mine by himself.
- The deer near the bridge of the Wolf Clan runs away now.
- After Phil has been told about the liberation of Kap Dun, he will no longer walk into the mountain that he was working on.
- The orcs near Jorn and Jensgar ("orc drummer" quest) do not run through the walls of their tent anymore.
- The "Sneaky Ogres" do not fall through the texture of their cave entrance.
- Pavel won't disappear in the meadow on the way to his cabin anymore.
- Kirk doesn't disappear in a wall on his way to the desert raiders anymore.
- Improved NPC navigation in the ripperbeast cave underneath Josh's farm and in the goblin cave near Ardea.
- The "Shy deers" do not run into the rocks near Chris anymore.
- Miguel doesn't disappear behind the walls of his cave so easily while fighting against zombies.
- The sandlurkers in the subterranean room near Nefarius don't run into the walls so often.
- The "Constipated lizard" doesn't run into the rocks anymore.
- Rakus, Merdarion, Sanuyem, the minecrawlers near Okara, the tunnel wolves, Kayor and his men, Riordian, Asaru and his men, the bandits between Montera and Domenik's farm, the ripperbeasts northwest from Silden and others do not run into the walls of their caves anymore.
- Undead will not walk behind the walls in the entrance area of the temples of Mora Sul, Al Shedim, Trelis and Ben Sala.
- Attacking Hashishin in the palace of Ishtar do not run into the wall of a passage so easily anymore.
- Mort doesn't disappear into a cliff anymore on his way from the Wolf Clan to the Fire Clan.
- Cole doesn't run through a big rock anymore on his way to Nemora.
- NPCs don't run into the staircase near the southern city gate of Geldern so often.
- The trolls near the pass to Varant don't walk through the rock of the small upheaval where they live.
- Dennis' cows do not flee over a rock anymore that was blocking their way.
- Problem that attacking animals and other NPCs ran into the rocks the hero was standing on was reduced or solved in many places.
- Covered a "collision hole" in a stair in Ishtar.
- NPCs do not climb into the porch of the smithy in Ardea or on Fabio's veranda from the side anymore.
- Karmok and the slaves near him won't carry their stones in the nearby house anymore, but to a pile of rubble in an other part of Ishtar instead.
- Several navigation zones expanded or added completely, especially in Varant, but also near Ardea etc.
- Navigation and fighting possibilities of the dragons underneath Cape Dun improved.
- The Demon of Gotha now also attacks if the hero fires at him with ranged weapons while standing in one of the archways.
- Aila's navigation on her way to Braga improved.
- Numerous new paths added between navigation zones, so that attackers don't have to make detours and companions don't get lost so often. (e.g. on the way from Trelis to Geldern).
- NPC navigation across bridges enabled or improved respectively, for example at Anog's rebel camp, Domenik's farm, the mill of Silden, etc.
- Bloodflies do not dive into water.
- The goblins near Silden won't follow the hero into the river, so they won't drown anymore.

- NPCs who attack the hero will suffer "collateral damage" during the hero's attacks.
- Unintended injuries of potentially like-minded NPCs during fights reduced.
- Knut and Redge now are able to hurt their nomad companions when the attack was forced by the spell "bloodlust".
- If the hero jumps up in an arena, he won't automatically lose the fight.
- Unintended doubling of damage with blunt weapons when fighting against skeletons and golems fixed.
- "One hit kill bug" during large battles fixed.
- Reduced the number of situations where fighting NPCs suddenly stop to move.
- Fighting NPCs do not put away their weapons anymore after they fell from a small height, but continue to fight instead.
- NPCs who want to pick up their weapon after a fight can't be disturbed anymore by talking to them or by fights in the background.
+ When defeated NPCs pick up their weapons from the ground, they instantly equip them again.
- By killing a town's leader, a revolution will be started even if there have been no witnesses. Exception: The hero can kill the orc leaders in Myrtana again without triggering a revolution after Beliar told him to do so.
- If NPCs attack the hero when they are sitting then their heads don’t sink in to their bodies.
- If NPCs have a weapon somewhere in their inventory they will draw when they start to fight.
- Error resolved that NPCs sometimes would keep standing in attack position after a fight.
- When the hero is an animal, he can attack animals of his own race.
- NPCs who fought against the hero when the game was saved continue this fight after reloading that savegame.
- NPCs who are fighting an enemy don't get distracted anymore when one of their comrades dies.
- Problem resolved where Malir sometimes didn't attack the hero or Tufail.
- Animals and monsters don't walk backwards for a very long time anymore instead of attacking.
- NPCs don't continue shooting at far away enemies when other NPCs are standing closer. Instead, they might change to close combat more often.
- NPCs find out whether they shoot against a barrier instead of their enemy. If they do, they try to correct their position.
- When the hero stalemates a mage, the NPC will switch to close combat.
- Osmund is stronger now, so the orcs won't kill him so fast anymore.
- The "undead commanders" near the temple of Mora Sul are now stronger than regular zombies.
- Merdarion and Tufail are stronger now, too.
- Fire lizards are now immune to fire.

Unconsciousness and death
- Health points of NPCs who get killed by "assassination" will be set to zero.
- Creatures which are killed by melee weapons will fly less far away.
- The hero will also become unconscious when he was jumping or sliding when he lost his hit last life points.
- NPCs instantly have proper collision again when waking up after being unconscious.
- Opening a HUD menu doesn't prevent the hero from death by poison.
- The hero dies when he is poisoned and knocked down.
- The hero doesn't die from poison during arena fights or "friendly" duels. (This is an exception to the rule mentioned above.)
- Burning or poisoned NPCs only die from fire or poison when they are hostile to the hero.
+ NPCs stop burning when they go far enough into water.
- When encountering Ramirez' body the first time, it won't be invisible.
- Respawn reactivated and corrected.
- Calculation of damage after falls changed.

NPC behaviour
- Guards don't get distracted by nonlethal fights anymore (e.g. arena fights).
- Town leaders do not let themselves being drawn from their house at all by any fight.
- When the hero pulls a weapon, his friends will never feel threatened by it.
- Wilson doesn't react hostile if the hero draws his weapon while they are on lurker hunt together.
- NPCs who support the hero during the liberation of Braga, Mora Sul or Trelis don't feel threatened by the hero’s weapon.
- Human spectators of arena fights run to the arena instead of walking there.
- Corrected NPC reactions when the hero loses an arena fight by leaving the arena.
- When the hero enters an arena and leaves again instantly, the arena combatant won't remain in fighting position permanently.
- When (re)starting an arena fight, the spectators won't attack the hero even if he attacked and defeated them before.
- Arena fights against two or more combatants corrected.
- Farm animals don’t come as viewers to duels anymore.
- If the hero knocks down a single NPC in a building without a good reason, he will be attacked by witnesses from outside the building.
- NPCs help their "fellow citizens" when they are attacked by animals.
- When an animal or monster gets killed with a single hit, the witnesses will react properly.
- If the hero kills the cows of Dennis' stockyard, only orcs and mercenaries will attack, but not Mason etc.
- NPCs won't notice the hero anymore through floors when he enters another storey of their house.
- NPCs won't involve the hero in conversations through walls anymore (except perceptive guards).
- If the hero reacts to NPCs demanding "Get out of here!" early enough, they won't attack him.
- When the hero enters the house left below the gate of Ishtar, it will no longer provoke an attack of the guards.
- Sleeping NPCs won't wake up when the hero just passes by outside their house.
- Reaction "waking up and attack" of common NPCs on the spell "Amnesia" eliminated.
- Humans don't sit on orc thonres.
- Problem resolved where some slaves "thought" that they are guards.
- Diego, Gorn, Lester, and Milten won't disappear quite as early from Ardea.
- Diego, Gorn and Milten don't travel back to Ardea by mistake anymore.
- Orcs won't attack when the hero picks up a "bundle of weapons".
- Marik won't attack the hero for taking Bradley's slave list.
- Jens doesn't sympathize with the orcs anymore.
- Lee’s attack to King Rhobar starts the liberation in Vengard – Rhobar’s guards now help him instead of watching the fight.
- The orcs in Snorre's tomb do not attack each other anymore.
- Hamlar is not marked as a "Friend" anymore.
- Lee and Lares now behave as friends of the hero right from the start.
- When the hero attacks members of the fireclan, Lee won't fight against him, but support him instead.
- Unfriendly behaviour of several NPCs after the hero reached a reputation of 75% and after liberations corrected.
- All slaves and rebels in Cape Dun now switch to "green" as soon as the revolution is prepared.
- Arena opponents stop fighting when the hero leaves the arena. When hero continues to attack him, bystanders will join in the fight.
- When the hero prepares the liberation of a city properly, the color of the names of the potential enemies in this town will turn to orange.
- Slaves near the temple of Mora Sul now also stay there after midnight instead of walking/sliding to Myrtana.
- Silvio now goes back to Bakaresh after a fight or after he left the hero's group.
- Mason and his two companions won't just walk to Dennis' stockyard with no reason.
+ Mason, Daryl, Otis and Sanford aid in liberating the city when the hero asks one of them for help after he prepared the revolution properly.
+ Mason, Daryl, Otis and Montera's innkeper stay in Montera after the liberation of the city.
- Asam, Zuben, and one other Hashishin feel connected to Ishtar and will become 'red' during a revolution.
- Tufail will defend Braga against the hero if the quest "Tribute from Braga" was successfully completed. The other hashishins near him defend Braga in any case.
- After Beliar told the hero to kill Zuben, Zuben won't be Ishtar's town leader anymore, so the Hashishin don't care if the hero kills him.
- Shakyor helps with the liberation of Lago.
- Candela, Fraser, Kent, Owen, Randall and Rakus only feel connected to Okara when the hero has finished their connected quests successfully.
- After Kliff was brought to Javier in Reddock, Kliff will belong to the rebels.
- After Rufus was brought to Okara, he will belong to the rebels.
- After Cole was brought to Nemora, he will belong to the rebels.
- When Karlen is sent to Nemora, he will belong to the rebels.
- Knut and his nomads only aid in the liberation of Bakaresh when the hero has convinced them to do so.
- The nomads from Onatas and Pakwan now aid in the liberation of Al Shedim.
- The commanders at the orc barrier in front of Vengard now have a voice.
- The mute bandit near Malir now has a voice.
- Enemies don't stop their attacks when the hero transforms into an animal - or ends his transformation - while they can see him.
- NPCs who were attacked by the hero as an animal will not react aggressive later on, as long as they have not witnessed his transformation back to human shape.
- When the hero has transformed himself to a dangerous animal, also Orcs and Hashishin will be hostile towards him.
- Humans and Orcs react hostile towards boars.
- The Orcs in Al Shedim also react aggressive on the murder of one of their companions when the hero has already sacrificed the five artifacts of Adanos to one of the gods.
- During a liberation of a town, slaves are not mad at the hero without reason while they do not participate in the liberation.
- Rangers and druids react friendly towards the hero when he is transformed into an animal.
- The female dancers in Ishtar do not act hostile towards the hero anymore after the liberation of the city and the exchange of citizens.
- Avogadro doesn't just hang around at a boostand all the time after returning to Trelis.
- Sanuyem now knows how to busy himself after he lead the hero to Merdarion.
- After bringing the "Slaves from Silden" and some other NPCs to their destination, they will stay there instead of walking back to their initial position.
- Graypelt returns to Hanson after the quest "Follow Graypelt to Xardas's tower", even if the game has been saved and loaded again in the meantime.
- After Asaru said "We showed them!" after the liberation of Braga, he and his fellow nomads will peacefully settle down in the town.
- If the hero prepares the liberation of Ben Erai properly by talking to Lukar, Lukar will join in fights.
- If Lukar survives the liberation of Ben Erai, he will mingle with the nomads after Ben Erai's population was exchanged.
- Lukar no longer supports the hero when the hero defeated him for the quest "Lukar had better get out!".
+ Lukar is available as teacher and trader after the liberation of Ben Erai - as long as the hero didn't defeat him before.
- Bug resolved where NPCs walked away while the hero was talking to them.

- If the hero tells his companions to "wait here", they won't meddle with fights.
- The hero's companions won't be generally ignored by other NPCs, but will be judged by their "political alignment".
- The hero's companions won't attack neutral spectators of fights.
- When the hero commands his companions to “Wait here” and then to “Come with me” again without ending the dialog inbetween, they will indeed follow him and not go over to their daily routines.
- Companions do not pursue pigs and cows which the hero injured.
- Summoned monsters die when the hero is more than 50 meters away from them. This doesn't happen if the hero told them to "Wait here".
- After the hero has swum, his companions will follow him again by themselves.
- Companions help the hero when he is attacked at Kirk’s ambush and in similar situations.
- Copper can only be made a companion after the hero defeated him in the arena.
- NPCs who are supposed to lead the hero somewhere won't just stay seated.
- If the hero has to "deliver" an NPC to another NPC, they actually have to be close to their target destination.
- NPCs who lead the hero to another NPC stop following that NPC around after the hero thanked them for the guidance.
- NPCs who lead the hero somewhere do not go ahead too far.

Perks and magic
- Health points after returning from "Soul travel" corrected.
- After changing back from animal form or "Soul travel" there is no "second armor" on the hero's body anymore ("Head_Player bug").
- Spell "Army of Darkness" reactivated.
+ The spell "Transfer disease" now has an effect on NPCs: It will slow down their combat moves.
- One also has to pay gold to learn the spell "Ice explosion".
- Light spells will be taken along when teleporting.
- Fireballs, which are aimed from the side to boars or alligators, will not fail to reach their targets anymore.
- The spell "Heal other" can't be casted on "red" or fleeing NPCs anymore.
- With the perk "Silent hunter" and bow or crossbow in his hands, the hero can walk closer to animals and monsters without sneaking and without being noticed.
- Effect of the perk "Magic staves" corrected; description improved.
+ With the perk "Strong shield parry", the hero will lose only half as much stamina as usual when blocking an attack.
+ Lares teaches the perk "Masterthief".
- The hero can also pickpocket NPCs he defeated before.
+ The hero can fabricate "Sharp arrows" from regular arrows and animal teeth now after he learned the skill (from a book) and found the necessary recipe.
- When the hero has transformed into an animal and kills another animal or monster, he can take the skin, teeth, etc. after changing back, in case the skill was learned before the transformation.
- It's not necessary anymore to have learned "Take reptile hides" to get dark snapper leather from snappers (bug from previous CP).

Interactive objects
- The hero doesn't lie down diagonally anymore when going to sleep.
- The hero doesn't slide over the ground when standing up from bed or ground while a movement key is pressed.
- Double beds in Murat's oasis deleted.
- Sebastian's bed repositioned.
- The hero can open chests while sneaking.
- When the hero opens a chest, he will stay on the ground instead of being lifted upwards or pushed down.
- The hero won't kneel down besides chests, but in front of them.
- If the hero wants to use, bookstands, chests, beds, etc., but cancels the action, the objects will still keep their collision.
- It's possible to play orcdrums more than once in a row.
+ Cows can be "milked".
- NPCs who are removed from the game after liberations do not block things anymore.
- NPCs in "magic sleep" won't be disturbed anymore by the sound of footsteps or opening of chests.
- NPCs in "magic sleep" and the hero's companions don't occupy interactive objects.
- Several usable objects were turned around, lowered, lifted, straightened up, etc. (basket in Montera, alchemist's bench in Gotha, stool in Ben Sala, several chests, beds, campfires, spits, tree trunks, benches, etc.)
- Several veins made accessible, e.g. in and around Okara, near the Hammer Clan, etc.
- Temple doors in Al Shedim and Mora Sul adjusted. Companions can follow the hero to the outside again.
- Interactive Objects like the anvil in Ardea, the bookshelves in Cape Dun etc., can be used directly after liberating the city.
- The treasury of Geldern can only be opened with the fitting key.
- Sigmors chest can only be opened with Sigmors key.
- When opening chests, the picklock can break (depending on chest type and the hero's lockpick abilities).
- Problem when trying to open the chest in Ashton's hut resolved.
- NPCs who will repopulate the towns after a liberation don't block interactive objects immediately.
- Campfires, boulders and water basins now have a focus text.

New content
+ Items and enemies were put into the castle ruin on top of the mountains near Silden.
+ Island "between" Myrtana and Varant was slightly beefed up.
+ The four missing "old chests" were placed somewhere in the world.
+ Several new NPCs included for the "Quest package".
+ New NPC CP_NewGuy in Ishtar included (near Delazar).
+ The "Constipated lizard" has also the "Druid stone of the lizard" in his stomach now.
+ The objects Knight's shield, Horned helmet, Light horned helmet, Druid stone of the lurker and others hav been added to the game.
+ In addition, another "Pure magic ore blank", Battleaxe, Silent Death, and Katana has been added to the game. (The workaround with Angar handing out a Katana has been undone.)
+ Some nice stuff and enemies placed in some hard to reach areas.
+ Another scroll "Army of Darkness" available.
+ Teleport to Al Shedim included.

Other topics of world design
- Mazin's cave is illuminated now.
- "Fish cave" near SIlden is now also illuminated when using shader 3.0.
- Numerous objects are now lighted correctly, e.g. stones underneath Cape Dun, items in the bandit's cave near Montera and in the mine of Geldern, stones and other things in Rakus' cave and in Reddock etc.
- Candles, which appear after the Geldern mines are reactivated, have been repositioned
- Numerous floating vegetation elements (trees, bushes, mushrooms, cactuses, ferns, bunches of grass, etc.) positioned correctly.
- Numerous floating stones, rocks, boxes, spider webs and other objects put to the ground.
-Numerous items that were stuck into each other were seperated (stool in cart of Kurt's camp, pickable plants in rocks, grass in campfires, branches in houses, chests in Kalans house, two racks in Ben Sala, barrels, fishing nets, etc. etc.)
- Several illogically placed objects removed (barrel on top of Vak's house, rack on a rooftop in Faring, unexplainable spume, orc drum in Gotha, etc.)
- Hid open fire in houses that could partially be seen from outside in several places..
- Several texture gaps closed or hid (window in Gotha, walls in Vengard, bottom texture near the waterfalls behind Silden, etc.)
- Two pieces of the city wall of Geldern aligned correctly, and two holes have been closed.
- Walls without texture in the ruins of Al Shedim are now disguised.
- Hid blurred textures at the pass to Varant and in several other places behind stones.
- Blocked the tunnel between Myrtana and Nordmar (above Faring) with large stones.
- Hole covered in the roof of Vatras' prison.
- The hero can not get trapped anymore under the blocked bridge in Vengard.
- Bags inGotha where the hero could get stuck upon replaced by other items.
- Invisible barriers in some passages in temples have been concealed behind visible barriers.
- Water surface patched in several places.
- Arena borders in Bakaresh, Faring, Geldern, Cape Dun, Lago, Montera, Mora Sul and Silden have been reworked.
+ Crossbar added to window near Karrypto.
- Faultily textured and other virtually invisible 3D objects removed from the sea near Silden.

Camera related topics
- Objects between the hero and the camera don't interfere with the aiming direction of bows and crossbows.
- Camera does not turn to the sky anymore when you begin to talk to a NPC.
- The camera can't be zoomed while a menu is open.
- The camera will not rotate about 180° in first person mode anymore after opening and closing chests, inventories from enemies or the own inventory. Therefore the camera won't switch from first person mode to third person mode anymore when the hero opens a chest.
- The hero's shadow is not headless anymore in first person mode.

- Problem resolved where the game didn't react to any keyboard or mouse action.
+ Alternative key combination to open the marvin console: left SHIFT + right SHIFT + Home.
- Default key für switching the quickslot bar on and off corrected to "Scroll Lock".
+ “Take all” to plunder NPCs and chests works by pressing a key (Default: “Z”).
+ There are keys for drinking a healing potion, mana potion and endurance potion (Default: keys 7 till 9 on the number block).
- Unintentional increase of the liberation counter for orc enclaves in marvin mode isn't possible anymore.
+ Up- and down-movement of the camera while looking back is invertible.
- The hero doesn't get stuck in sneaking mode when holding a crossbow.
- When the hero was knocked out while sneaking, he won't automatically fall back to sneak mode after waking up.
- Bug removed where the hero got unintentionally stuck in sprinting or sneaking mode after opening an enemy's inventory.
- Stamina exploit when sprinting while looking back removed.
- The hero doesn't lose stamina while walking backwards or sideways anymore.
- The hero is not invisible for NPCs anymore after teleporting out of magical fog.
- Drinking "Cure disease" or "Antidote" can't be interrupted by opening a menu. If the hero gets hit, the grafic effects disappear.
- When the hero holds a bow in his hand starts to glide or gets hurt, he will not automatically fire an arrow afterwards when the player releases the mouse button.
- Problem resolved where the hero would make an action in the game when one clicked on "Back" in the main menu.
- Some errors fixed that caused the hero to "think" that he doesn't have any ammo left.
- Blade quarrels are sharpened stack by stack now instead of one by one.
- Focusing enemies with magic improved: NPCs who stand closer and attacking NPCs are more easy to get in focus.
- The “Auto focus” during battles is more flexible now – you can switch easier between enemies.

- Third level of crossbow and bow skills don't have identical names anymore (in German version only).
- Subtitles for learning the perks “Staff Fight I” and “Staff Fight II” from Ateras and Shakyor added. (Still without voice output.)
- Several hundred standard dialogs of the Italian and Spanish version now have subtitles.
- Some errors in Spanish texts corrected.
- Some errors in English texts corrected.
- Many Polish subtitles corrected.
- Many Russian subtitles corrected.
- Several spelling errors in German version corrected.
- Description of the scroll "Army of darkness" shortened in German version.
- Description of the spell "Ice lance" specified.
- Description of the spell "Tame animal" specified.
- Description of the "Fog" spell slighty elaborated.
- Descriptions added to all weapons, armors and shields as well as to some artefacts in English and German.
- Descriptions added to all items in Polish.
- The deers at the plateau next to Hanson now bear the name "Highland Deer".
- One "Amulet of the Hunter" is renamed to "Amulet of Dexterity".
- The spell "Word of dominance" now has the name "Word of dominance" instead of "Command" in the dialog menu of Innos shrines.
- The text "LP" (meaning "learning points") in the dialog menu is now multiligual.


Only with "Alternative Balancing" switch turned on:

Weapons and armor
- Protection values of armor, shields and helmets revised.
- Requirements of strength and perks to use a shield implemented.
- New reputation requirements when buying armor.
- Farmer's, Ranger's and Nomad's clothes are now treated as robes.
- Damage, gold value, and required attributes of weapons revised (swords, large weapons, bows, staves, magic staves, woodcutter's axe and pickaxe).
- The main required attribute for the Master sword is now dexterity.
- Some special swords and large weapons grant additional bonuses.
- The hero needs Ancient Knowledge of 250 or 300 resp. to wear the Crown of Adanos or the Robe of Adanos.

- (Almost every of the) Quests, for which the hero has to kill someone, will be cancelled or can not be succeeded anymore, when the quest giver dies.
- The hero also gets a little attribute boost as a reward if he decides to follow Xardas ("Adanos way").

Experience points
- The hero gets experience points for pickpocketing.
- Less experience points for killing harmless animals like rabbits, snakes, cows etc.
- For killing a Goblin Shaman, one now receives +70 experience.
- Black Trolls now are stronger than regular trolls. When the hero kills them, he will receive +700 experience.

Perks, magic, attributes
- The hero has to invest twice as much gold and learning points to increase strength, hunting skill or ancient knowledge if he already has 250 points or more.
- Bookshelves and large stone tablets only provide 3 instead of 5 points of ancient knowledge or alchemie resp.
- Permanent bonuses of potions and small stone tablets changed.
- Adjustment of required attributes, learning points, and gold costs when learning perks.
- The reduction of the perk "Mana regeneration" from CP 1.5 is now only in effect when "alternative balancing" is switched on.
- The perk "Regeneration" (of hitpoints) is not active when the hero carries a weapon in his hand.
- The regeneration of life energy is now percental (1,25 % of max. life energy per second).
- The perk "Acrobatics" won't make the hero immortal when falling.
- After learning the perk "Masterthief", the hero can commit thefts in cities without being taken to task for them (as long as nobody witnesses the theft).
- The perk "Magic staves" gets more powerful when the hero's ancient knowledge increases.
- Adjustment of required attributes, learning points, and gold costs when learning new spells.
- Dependencies on perks or spells when learning spells added.
- Dependencies between perks revised.
- Adjustment of mana usage of some spells.
- Power and effect of several damage spells revised.
- The spells Hailstorm, Fire rain and Time bubble will take effect around the NPC in focus, not around the hero.
- Some of the "highest knowledge" spells have been exchanged.
- When starting a new game, the hero has 150 stamina points.
- The hero loses slightly less stamina when running than before.
- While a menu is open, the hero won't regenerate stamina, life energy or mana.
- During a parade, the hero will only regenerate as much stamina as if the hero was diseased.
- If the hero has too few stamina points, his hits will be slower in melee fights.

- Goblin shamans don't cast homing fireballs anymore, only normal ones.
- Fighting behaviour of Xardas improved.
- New damage and protection calculation when NPCs hit the hero with melee weapons.
- When playing with difficulty "hard", bows and crossbows cause 20% more damage than before.
- When humans or orcs fight with fists, they cause less damage.
- The hero's oponents suffer less damage during arena fights.

Other topics
- Rearmament of a disarmed NPC toned down.
- Some particularly mighty weapons can't be bought from traders anymore. Those special items are only be available by looting chests.
- Traders pay the hero slightly less gold for his goods.


Only with AI switch turned on: New melee AI for NPCs

- When NPCs use weapons, they are able to block an attack completely.
- The hero can block constantly for 2.5 seconds at most.
- NPCs can't block forever, too, but longer than the hero.
- A successful block can be recognized by a corresponding sound.
- Enemies won't hit from too far away so often.
- NPCs who use a weapon can walk in a circle around the hero.
- The "intelligence" (or error frequency, resp.) of NPCs is attached to the level of difficulty.
- Arena fights are one level harder than other fights.
- Animals and monsters are able to sprint to their enemies.
- Hit probability of animals and monsters potentially improved.
- Animals and monsters use different combat tactics when the player rightclicks constantly.
- Nearly all animals and monsters now chase after the hero longer than before.


Only with AI switch and/or "Alternative Balancing" turned on:

- The hero can be attacked by a maximum of one, two or three melee enemies at the same time (depending on the level of difficulty).
- Attack frequency of boars, wolves, Temple guards etc. decreased. Exceptions: zombies and mummies.
- Attack movements of trolls are slower.
- Some mages are able to summon creatures who help them when the hero attacks them or their comrades.

VIII. Community Patch v1.6

a) Fixes made by the community:
- The hero's death will not cause a "Quest failed"-message anymore.
- Frozen NPCs and creatures will unfreeze after a while in any case.
- Rune and Zapotek do not attack anymore when the player picks up ham or wood for a quest.
+ To decrease the amount of unusable quest items in the inventory, quest items like barrels of fish, firewood, etc. disappear from the game when you delivered them.
- NPCs in charge of relevant quest items do not flee anymore after a city's liberation but keep fighting.
- The hero does not "stab" NPCs anymore when they already lost their last health points.
- NPCs who the player is asked to follow will walk to their designated destination instead of standing around after they get knocked down.
- Chests are now being closed after NPCs used them.
- When a ranger is being attacked by the player, the rangers nearby will approach to help him out.
- Krush Tarachs, spears and halberds dropped by NPCs are now "worn".
+ After the message "Not enough reputation" the amount of missing reputation will be displayed as well.
- Tutorials may now be deactivated permanently.
+ Fleeing NPCs after a revolution will now die instantly when you remove their last health points.
+ Whetstones can now only be used after the player learned "Hone blade".
- Quest related dialog choices concerning part deliveries of goods have been corrected.
+ Dialogs concerning success or failure of a quest are now put into the mission log as well.
- Menus can now be closed pressing the menu's key even if the player had magic "equipped" when opening them.
- You cannot invite more than one NPC into the arena at the same time anymore.
+ Whenever a "Guru" appears, a log will be saved automatically.
+ Chest name's colour now indicates whether the chest is empty or not.
+ Accepting a "follow quest" will automatically cancel any other active follow quest. Those quests can be restarted via dialog later on.
+ The hero may sell Sanford out to Marik even if Sanford attacked after being uncovered.
- Unnecessary Marlo dialog option "continue" has been removed.
+ Mission log entries for some quests added.
- Logic of dialogs with Folleck corrected.
- Kor-Shach does not appear as a teacher too early now.
- One of Emet's sentences is now played.
- Porgan's dialog order has been corrected.
- When the hero kills the three patrolling Orcs from Faring, he won't trigger the liberation of Faring by this.
- Buggy respawn was deactivated completely.
- Armor values for "paladin's shield" and "light rebel armor" have been corrected.
- Hunter merchants will pay twice the price for dark snapper leather and fire lizard leather.
- Gold value of some ancestor stones has been corrected to 50 gold.
- Torches now have a buying value of 3 gold, selling value is 1 gold.
- Thief merchants will pay twice the price for golden necklaces and rings now.
- The value of necklaces has been adjusted to 250 gold.
- Icons have been cleaned up.
- fmodex improvements, update to newer version.
- Several internal improvements.
- New texture for Angar's head.
- Flag "application can handle >2gb address sets".
+ Post processing cartoon shader (for graphic cards with shader 2.0 or higher)
- Missing wood texture added.
- Slight revision of enemy selection during fights to reduce the number of uninvolved NPCs.
- NPCs using ranged weapons or magic search for a new target when the current target gets out of sight.
- Sort order of dialog options for increase of life force corrected.
- The hero is able to damage his own summoned creatures.
- Experience points for "Rakus the Fire Mage should go to Okara" adjusted.
- Perk "Orc hunter" works now.
- Pointless "level up" notifications while the hero is transformed into an animal eliminated.
- No unnecessary level up messages are being displayed anymore when the hero is transformed into an animal
- Experience the hero gained while being transformed into an animal is not lost anymore when turned back into a human being
- Fixed speech not being played in Universe Edition
- Fixed game not starting in full screen mode for Universe Edition

The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing save games:
- Strafing speed of ogres and goblins has been adjusted.
- Female slaves do not wear weapons or shields anymore.
- The Orcs in Al Shedim now react to the death of one of them with aggressive behaviour even if the player already handed all five artifacts to one of the gods.
- Al Shedim is now an enclave of the orcs, not of the hashishin.
+ Some orcs now sell orcish weapons as well as their standard equipment.

b) Fixes made by Spellbound:
- conflict between Bink and Fmod fixed so video sounds are played under Vista again.
- New memory manager implemented to improve performance and stability.
- Error handling in memory pool improved.
- Fixed memory allocation error when saving.
- Memory is now freed correctly.
- Improved memory allocation for memory streams in file system/streams.
- Fixed a potential memory leak which would result when an insert operation fails.
- Fixed memory leak which produces 84+20 bytes leaks for each save game when entering the load screen.
- Remaining memory impact during save/load reduced from >100MB in some cases to typically less than 1,5MB - thus increasing game stability significantly.
- Fixed memory leak in Script_Game.
- Fixed some potential memory leaks in scripts.
- Several shader enhancements to improve memory usage.
- Fixed several uninitialized memory reads (potentially resulting in unstable or unpredictable runtime behaviour).
- Improvements to the memory logging system - giving more detailed protocols of memory allocation activities.
- Improved caching.
- Unload caches before game restart (further reduction on memory leaks while saving/loading).
- Purged all regular caches before loading a save game - further reducing the memory leak during save/load.
- Fixed access violation exception on program termination - crash during exit.
- Fixed a crash bug where entities were cached out even though they were still in use.
- Fixed crash bug in physics and character controller - occurs potentially during main gameplay.
- Fixed crash bug within entity manager - occurs potentially during main gameplay.
- Fixed one crash bug when using teleport stone.
- Changed control order for Prefetcher Job destruction to avoid deadlocks (and possible crashes).
- Fmodex.dll updated to version 4.10.01 (fixing freezes or crashes).
- Changes to the file system for Fmodex to avoid file format errors.
- Memory performance improvements in the mesh renderer.
- Fixed some memory fragmentation for performance improvements.
- Performance and memory improvements to the container templates.
- Slight performance improvements in ThreadPool.
- Reused vertex buffer declarations in several locations.
- Error handling in vertex processors improved.
- Created vertex buffers in default pool instead of managed pool if managed pool fails.
- Fixed memory overwrites in the shader module.
- Fixed rendering of zero or less vertices.
- Fixed DX9 issue complaining about different vertex stream strides for lightmap.
- Fixed DX9 issue about impossible MIP filtering.
- Various small cosmetic fixes for the world.
- Some fixes to avoid playing sounds with empty filenames.
- Fixed bug where objects could be off color.
- Looted corpses don't get into the hero's focus anymore.
- Illumination error regarding vegetation fixed.
- More information for user when perking/skilling (pult, quest, teaching).
- Ini/dx9error.txt at application start removed.
- Memory handling improved during teleports making the game more stable as a result.
- Made Teleport more stable.
- Fixed visual artifacts during teleport behaviour resulting from former fixes.
- Crash Fix when entering "/" at console.
- Threads used during caching were disabled as various multithreading requirements are not met.
- Memory leak fixed when file reading fails.
- Memory requirement reduced and performance improved during pack file loading.
- Fixed one major problem in memory pool where larger blocks could not be allocated.
- Potential crash in ge_dx9device.cpp fixed.
- Threaded loading disabled as modules using the feature were not thread safe.
- Rare Synchronization crash bug in ge_pvscellitem.cpp, ge_entityadmin.cpp, ge_frustumfilter.cpp, ge_frustumdatabase.cpp fixed.
- 160MB Heap in membase.cpp removed.

c) Other fixes
- The files of the official patch 1.12 will be installed with CP 1.6.

VII. Community Patch v1.52

- copy protection (check for DVD) has been removed

VI. Community Patch v1.5

- Slightly improved memory-use.
- The error "Scripted state is not registered: ZS_Spectator!" is removed
- When an NPC leaves the hero's party, the accompanying message is not shown twice anymore.
- By a deadly fall as an animal the death-animation is acted.
+ Also for the quicksaves the date of the save is shown.
- Resolved graphical errors that could appear when the intro-videos are deactivated.
- Resolved exploit when brewing potions.
- It is no longer possible to insert empty inventory/spell-fields into the quickbar.
- Even when an NPC is long dead, it is still possible to act all the dialogues about him.
- Reading of the stone tablets does not cause an addition and subtraction anymore for "Ancient Knowledge".
- Pressing "Backspace" does no longer cause the end of the dialog.
- Corrected erroneous request of the memory-status.
- Several dialogues are now recorded in the corresponding mission logs.
- Bradleys slavelist and Ashtons goldlist will not be shown rolled up while Marik reads them.
+ Some until now inactive dialog clippings with Kor-Shach, Sanford, the Montera barkeeper, Umbrak, Rovold, Tom, Wilson, Gnar, Iomar, Diego, Myxir, Navaras and Kerth are now released.
+ Kerth is now available as teacher, Myxir as teacher and trader.
- The removed quest "10 pieces of gold ore" is now completely deactivated.
- The quests "Liberate the desert from the reign of the Hashishin!", "The chest of the alchemists", "Ore thieves", "Kill Orcs!" and "The druidstone of the wolf" are now started properly.
- Steve now speaks his first line with his own voice.
- Corrected the number of "Wild Lions" in the quest "The ruins of Bakaresh".
- Ugolf takes in the quest "Ore for Ugolf" the agreed upon 50 ore from the hero.
- Pickaxes and Woodcutter Axes are now shown in the inventory under "weapons" and can be used as such.
- The Woodcutters Axe now costs 40 instead of 1 gold.
- It is now not possible anymore to use a whetstone, when one has no blade weapons at all.
- Chris now gets the 5 chunks of meat as mentioned in the dialog.
- Unlocking of Navaras as a teacher is corrected.
- After Thorald has received his equipment from the hero, he equips it.
- Thorald accompanies the hero now to the liberation of the Hammerclan-Mine.
- Problems with the quest "Become champion of the arena in Faring" resolved.
- The hero speaks the sentence "Xardas searches for the artifacts of Adanos" only once.
- Stoneroots are not edible anymore.
- Lars leads the hero now also to the pass to Nordmar when one has killed Zapotek, without buying Lars' freedom.
- The quest "Slaves for Lago" is already started with Vasco and not with the "Tired Slaves".
- The quests "The paladin Konrad wants his magic back" and "The paladin Karlen want his magic back" are now cancelled when one hands over the Fire Chalices to Grok.
- The quest "smithing in Faring" cannot be resolved too early.
- It is not possible anymore during dialogs, swimming and the use of spellscrolls, to open up the inventory or other menus.
- The rebels in the inner fortress of Faring (after the revolution) do not act unfriendly anymore towards the hero.
- After the liberation of Gotha one is not wanted for theft for previous plundering.
- 10 Reputation points added with the Hammerclan.
- Also for the quests of the Monastery of Innos one now receives reputation points.
- The quests of the Monastery of Innos can be found in the mission log under "Monastery".
- Also when Zuben is already long dead it is possible solve the game on the way of Innos.
- The quest "Report to the leader of the orcs' mercenaries in Montera" can be solved without accepting "How loyal are the orcs' mercenaries?"
- When one attacks Sugut, or attacks his camp with Nomads, he acts as a Hashishin. (Except one kills him already from range)
+ Display of ingame-time in the mission log.
+ Raw meatbug meat can now be grilled at campfires.
+ When one tries to learn a perk from a teacher, without mastering the required skills, the failing attributes and talents are shown on the screen.
+ After learning a skill or spell, the remaining learning points are shown on the screen.
+ By quests with a time limit a message is shown on the screen with "you have [xy] days time".
- If an NPC is killed by a finishing move, his life-energy is reduced to zero.
- If one "sends back" a summoned creature, it's life-engergy is reduced to zero.
- You can't give healing potions to summoned creatures anymore.
- When the hero is knocked over in combat, he does not regenerate mana anymore.
+ Men and Orcs that are hit hard enough with a headknock arrow drop to the ground for a short while.
- Fire arrows and exploding arrows set the enemy on fire now when the bow is drawn far enough.
- Skeletons now receive damage from fire arrows.
- It is now not possible anymore to damage golems with normal bolts or arrows. Exceptions are the headknock arrows and blade quarrels; as well as the fire and explosion arrows on ice golems.
- It is now possible to preset both arrows as well as bolts from the inventory.
- The hero doesn't refuse to reload bow or crossbow any more as long as he has enough ammunition.
- Ranged weapons can now be re-equiped with the spacebar.
- Resolved bug where the hero equiped a ranged weapon without ammunition.
- It is now impossible to shoot bolts with a bow.
- Failure removed where the Orc bosses would not attack anymore even though several cities had been liberated.
- Lecterns / Stone tablets are not read twice anymore.
- The hero is protected from uselessly trying the "Animal form" spell.
- Torches are removed from the inventory after being used.
- The spell "Flame sword" is consumed after use.
- Late ‚Tutorial'-messages for Gorn, Lester, Diego and Milten will be blocked then.
- The weapon "Moonblade" cannot be whetted, blessed or poisoned.
- The skill "Resistance to cold" now has the correct implementation.
- The skill "Improve robes" now has the correct implementation.
- The skill "Improve armor" now has a more clear effect
- The skill "Make excuses" is more effective - the higher the thief skill of the hero, the lower the risk to get caught.
- The effects of the skill "Mana regeneration" are reduced.
- Picking up teleporter stones, arrows and bolts does not lead to attacks of bystanding NPCs.
- Drinking magical potions does not consume mana anymore.
- Spellscrolls and Spells from the magic-book require the same amount of mana.
- NPCs hand over the agreed reward in the full amount.
- In general, quests cannot be resolved or obtained by trading the involved goods with the questholder.
- Tamed animals are not released anymore by simply clicking them, but require an explicit "Go back now!".
- Summoned creatures do more damage again.
- The hitting chance of "Fire rain" for larger enemy mobs is slightly improved.
- Implementation of "Transform into Bloodfly" improved (navigation, altitude drops).
- No reforming and rebirth anymore of the hero after dying as an animal.
- Correction for the calculation of the life energy with transformations.
- The hero does not regenerate endurance, life or mana points after his death.
- The problem that - in some savegames - in a conversation the "End"-option disappeared is resolved.
+ The hero unequips teleporter stones automatically after use.
- The health bar of shrines is removed.
- Ancestor stones can be placed on their runic sockets even after the choice for Adanos ("Xardas ending").
- Changing a weapon to another (melee, ranged, magic) while being hit at the same time does not cause a mix up with another weapon being equipped anymore.
- The hero can read the "Chronicles of Dominance" only after having obtained the required information from Myxir and Dargoth.
- The recipe for "Deadly poison" is removed from the game totally since the poison itself is not even implemented in the game.
- Booze, Nordmar Noggingfog and Stollengrollen can be distilt at the alchemist bench, instead of being brewed in a cooking pot.
- While the hero is eating, drinking or reading, it is not possible to select a teleporter stone or spell from the inventory anymore.
- The hero does not receive any experience points anymore for his own suicide.
- Ore blanks, magic ore blanks and meat cleavers cannot be equiped anymore.
- For spellscrolls lying around the name is indicated.
- Hits with a headknock arrow do no longer result in fire effects.
- The duration of quests with a time limit is now determined more exactly.
+ River and ocean sounds can now be heard.
- Music can be turned off completely.
+ New icon for gold coins.
+ New icons for teleporter stones.
+ New icon for the pickaxe.
+ New icon for Scavenger eggs.
- The rumble audible by Levelup and Teleport is 6 decibel less.
- Dialog options for Kaelin are sorted properly.
- Dialog options for Harek are sorted properly.
- It is now also possible to help Harek with meat afterwards, and also to help him on the run, even when Gamals order is refused.
- When one wins against Dan in the arena, it is possible to notify his slave of this.
- Tangach lets the hero enter Uruks House, once enough reputation points have been gathered.
- NPC's who have been woken up do not go to sleep again immediately.
- The last wooden shield's inventory icon is corrected.
- Quest "Go to the southern bridge with Hogar" will be started using a separate dialog option.
- The golden plates that Lares wants now are actually named "Golden plate".
- Trading rebels after a revolution are now labelled as "Trader" or "Smith" resp., not simply as "Rebel".
- The Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" can now be found under "Nemora" in the mission log.
- The Quest "The orc shaman Grok wants all the fire chalices" doesn't start without the hero's agreement.
- The hero gets Thieving +1 for the quest "The soul chalices"
- Icon for "Ironstem" corrected.
- Icon of the spellbook entry "Cure disease" corrected (colour).
- Descriptions of the perks Fire mage, Dark mage and Water mage made more concrete.
- Three adjustments of the distribution of political reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
-- Quest "Make Folleck go back to work in the castle yard" - plus one point regarding the orcs.
-- Quest "Approval from the ore smelters" one point less regarding Nordmar.
-- Quest "Destroy the orcs in and around the temple of Trelis" - one point less regarding the rebels.
- Three adjustments of the distribution of enclave reputation, so that exactly 100% can be reached:
-- Quest "Hunt the nasty wild boars" - plus four points in Okara.
-- Quest "Cole the farmhand wants to go to Nemora" - plus five points in Nemora.
-- Quest "The wells outside the city" - five points less in Ishtar.
-- Quest "Tjalf's chest" - plus two points at the Hammerclan.
-- Quest "Bridge orcs" - plus six points at the Hammerclan.
-- Quest "Kill the boss of the valley" - plus 7 points at the Hammerclan.
- Postprocessing options have been detached: depth of field without bloom effect possible.
- Bloom can be deaktivated on every PC system.
- The armor perks treat the robe of Adanos like a robe now, not as heavy armor.
- The quest "Thorek wants magic ore for his smithy" gets cancelled if you don't give his ore, although you're already behind time.
- The quest "Secret dealings" won't be cancelled by solving the quest "Bernado's tribute".
- The HUD now preferably selects the last map that the player selected upon opening the map list.
- The UserOptions.ini is only read once.
- Zakosh doesn't regard the hero twice for "Kill the three trolls in the hills near Faring".
- Several subtitles in Italian added.
+ New screens by loading of a savegame. (Not yet certain if it will be implemented).

The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing savegames:
- The not fully implemented skill "???" is removed from the Character menu.
- Mora Sul will not be liberated anymore by simply killing Nasib.
- Angar, Anktos, Oelk, Paladin and Orknarok do not fight at the side of the Hashishin anymore during the liberation of Mora Sul.
- No skeleton will attack an undead high priest anymore.
- More milk is to be found (with dead cows).
- Stray wolves can now also be hit with magic and ranged weapons.
+ Jaroll and Jarock now have a voice.
+ Grok has the Ruins-map in his inventory.
- Hauke no longer has a battle-axe as a weapon, but just a pickaxe.
+ Lionnesses now have a plunder-inventory.
+ The Hashishin who are called "Merchant" now actually are merchants.
+ Osmund trades entirely in herbs now.
- Flame swords cannot be bought anymore, when a new game is started.

V. Community Patch v1.4

- Perk "Make poison" can be learned.
+ Perk "Master thief" can be learned. (Soundless dialog)
- Artifacts of Adanos cannot be sold.
+ Milten hands out a teleporter stone for the Monastery.
- Censoring of women removed.
- The game can also be ended when Zuben is already long dead.
- When Orknarok accompanies the hero, he will not be attacked by the Nomads and vice versa.
- Orknarok leaves the party, once the requirements therefore are met.
- One cannot get Shakyors Druidstone twice.
+ Mort leads one when needed for a second time to the Hammerclan, Fireclan or to the entrance of the mine.
- Hogar does not kill the hero for the quest "Duel with Hogar".
+ The quest "Delivery to Nordmar" unlocked. (Soundless dialog)
- One can speak with Dargoth about the "Fifth temple", once prerequired information has been obtained.
- Lisk gives only final comments about the liberation of the mine when he has taken part in it.
- One can say to Xardas "I have the five artifacts of Adanos" only when one has them.
- Asaru is teacher for martial arts, when one assures him to help him.
+ Tyler says "Where to now? To Trelis, or what?", before one attacks Trelis together.
- Effects of item "Black Rhobar" corrected.
+ Two comments from Dan and Goose unlocked.
- Information for the quest "Just a fallen..." noted in the mission log.
- Some inconsistencies in the dialogdata resolved.
- Sulfock gives experience "Kill the threatening Snapper in front of the Sulphurmine".
- For the quest "Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold pieces" one can give Wilson 500 gold.
- The spiked cutchel has a value of 150 instead of 4500 gold.
- One cannot interrupt Lee during his teleport by means of a dialog.
- Iljas Vaze, Shadowscepter and Chalice of the Watertraders are ordened properly in the inventory.
- For the quest "Covert operations" one needs the amulet of Ilja.
- One cannot drink empty bottles and viles.
- The Krush Irmak deals damage.
- Kamak and the Orcs with the excavation form one party.
+ Dialog of Xardas unlocked.
- Murak does not react like a slave after the liberation of Bakaresh.
+ Additional dialog options for Kan unlocked.
- One can follow certain dialogs still after the relevant NPCs are dead.
- The quest "Free Kliff from the Orcs on the farm" can always be ended.
- One cannot say to Kliff "You are free now", when he already knows it.
- Georg is promoted to Paladin when giving the blessed Fire Chalice.
- When one attacks Sugut or his camp with the Nomads, one will be treated as a normal assassin.

IV. Community Patch v1.3

- One can only say to Pyran "Here are your potions", once one has enough mana potions.
- Josh only says "I heard, Trelis has been liberated from the Orcs", when this actually happened.
- Kalesch says "You won't steal my reputation" only once.
- Karrypto says "With sadness I have to state that..." on his own account.
- When one says to Merdarion "Merdarion, what are you doing here?", the dialog option "Do we know each other?" will no longer appear.
- One cannot ask Mortis "Do you also fight in the arena?", when one has fought him. The same error is also resolved for Tukash and Vigo.
- The quest "Become champion of the arena of Faring" cannot be restarted after a successful ending of it.
- Jensgar now always gives the Composite Bow after the quest "Skins for Jensgar".
- Ugolf and Hector do not get all the ore c.q. gold of the hero.
- The quest "Hectors gold" will not be ended when one buys Masils ledger.
- Selling shadowbeast horns to Pedar has no negative consequences for the quest "Admittance of the Oremelters".
- The hero does not ask Lee "What was with that again?" after he asked the question "The story with the colony?".
- Pranck gets 20 instead of 19 potions with the quest "The Orc warrior Pranck wants twenty healing potions".
- One can tell Karrypto about Markus' Fire Chalice when one has all 12 of them.
- Lester can also be talked to in Al Shedim, when he is not digging.
- Rathgar does not speak about Alis artifact when one has used it. If the quest had been started before, it is hereby stopped.
- All dialogs of the Talkmaster are available.
- One can also trade with Ingvar, when he has not been asked before the liberation of the mine.
- Tippler does not take all Boozeberries and Healingplants. The quest is not ended when one sells him the ingredients.
- Trading with Vandorn does not have negative consequences for the quest "Bring Vandorn pickaxes".
- One cannot obtain Bogirs, Torns and Runaks Druidstones twice.
- One cannot obtain Miguels steelcrates twice.
- When one steals the destroyed Druidstone from Porgan, then this one will be returned before the fixed one is obtained.
- One cannot obtain Treslotts, Rakus', Miltens, Wenzels, Bengerds, Konrads and Markus' Fire Chalice twice.
- The quest from Treslott does not end before his Fire Chalice is obtained. The numbers of his reward do not vary.
- Abe has the dialog option "Let's trade" only once.
+ It is possible to obtain a second Katana in the game.
- The quest "bring Lukjan profit for the skins" cannot be solved by trading.
- The quest "Follow Tufail" will not start when Masil is dead. A new dialog entry: "He is dead".
- Mezir does not ask "And, did you find him?" when he has not aided in the search.
- The dialog option "Where do I find Hanson?" is available with Grim only after he has told about Hanson.
- The quest "Kaffu wants his gold back" cannot be solved by trading.
- The dialog option "Where can I find Gotha?" with Hatlod does not show up forever.
- One can send Karlen to the desert any time, as soon as the two quests are solved.
- The dialog menu does not stay up when Karlen walks around.
- Each of the four quests "Follow Merdarion" can be resolved.
- Xardas does not request to ask the Orc Shamans for artifacts when Grok is dead.
- The quest "Lurkerhunt with Wilson" ends after all Lurkers are dead and Wilson has been reported about it.
- The quest "Wenzel cleans up" ends when Cape Dun has been liberated and Wenzel is reported about it.
- Grimboll only gets 5 Sulfur. The quest cannot be resolved by trading.
- When one kills Aldo on order of Sigmor, Sigmor will not convict the hero of murder.
- Avogadro cannot buy himself free, before the appropriate quest has been started.
- One does not say "Come with me" directly to Falk, without having this dialog option.
- One gets 20 Ice Wolfskins from Hanson every time.
- Innostian does not take more than 50 manaplants.
- If one kills Kirk, the guards of the nearby city will not convict the hero of murder.
- When one steals the delivery of Tragak, it is impossible to escort him to Grompel
- Changed the awarding of reputation points in certain cities and fractions.
- Wooden shields have the correct inventory image.
- The paladins at the end of the journey with Xardas are now actually labelled as paladins.

III. Community Patch v1.2

- Finley joins the hero to attack Trelis even when Vak is dead.
- The quest "Finley attacks Trelis" is not interrupted when one reports him of the victory prematurely.
- Tyler definitely follows the hero to Trelis.
+ One can learn "Make explosive arrows".
- Mannig does not get 500 gold when one delivers Randall to him.
- Leif will be available as teacher after the quest "Ten Sabreteeth for Leif".
- Ketil gives 3 ore instead of 3 gold as a reward for the quest "Ketil needs 12 Bison skins".
- For the quest "Okara needs more men" the dialog option "Out there is no one anymore" does not disappear anymore.
- Erroneous dialogoptions to learn "Paladin" from Rhobar are removed. The skill can still be learned from him.
- The dialog option "I need booze" with Tippler is available, when one knows that one has to be deliver the booze.
- One gets reputation points from Marik when one brings him the gold list from Ashton.
- One has to kill all "Tough sandcrawlers" to end the quest from Vasco.
- The quest "Liberate Ishtar" can be started error free.
- The quest "Approval of the assassins" will resolve.
- Summoned creatures will die, when one leaves them behind.
- Erroneous dialogs from Quadir, Nafalem, Benito, Sigmor, Delazar and Kafa resolved.
- The console will not display disturbed and white flashing is reduced.
- The noise of the Flame Sword is reduced in strength.
- Crackling noise of fires has been turned off due to incorrect timing.
- Masil does not give the raw ore twice.
- One can end the quest "Messages from the South" also when Benito has been provoked before.
- Nefarius, Silvio, Aila, Yasmin and the Emaciated Slave leave the group once the requirements therefore are met.
- Sivert says "Good fight. I am Sivert" on his own accord.
- One cannot obtain Ejnars Ancestor stone twice.
- The quest to destroy the rebel hideout of Reddock will be cancelled by talking to Javier after the liberation of Cape Dun.
- The quest "Liberate Cape Dun" will be cancelled by talking to Uruk after destroying Reddock and killing the rebel leader.
- The quest "Destroy the rebelcamp Nemora" will be cancelled after one has liberated Trelis with Tyler.
- The quest to liberate Trelis will be cancelled by Vak after destroying Nemora.
- The quest "Tare Okara apart" will be cancelled by Sanford after liberating Montera.
- The quest "Liberate Montera from the Orcs" will be cancelled by Varek after destroying Okara.
- The quest "Bring Nemrok the artifact out of the ruins from the North" will be cancelled by Marius after Geldern has been liberated
- The quest for the secret of Mazin can also be resolved when he is killed, after he has given all information.
- The quests at Domeniks Pastures will also start, when one speaks with Marik.
- Masil answers on the question from where he has the raw ore, when the quest "Guilt and Pretence" has been resolved successfully.
- One can provoke Topork when one denied him his challenge before "Reddock needs a smith" was started.
- Developer errors removed, maximum camera zoom-out increased and vegetation view distance doubled.

II. Community Patch v1.1

- One has to give Vandorn only the requested 5 saws.
- One does not receive double the amount of gold from Freman for one of the slaves.
- An error in Musan's dialog is removed.

I. Community Patch v1.0

- One can give Frithjof his Fire Chalice back.
+ Perks "Fire Mage" and "Improve armor" can be learned.

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