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Community Patch 1.73 released

Even if CPs 1.70/1.71 were intended to be the final result of our work we couldn't leave Gothic 3 alone without previously realising some more ideas. :-)

We're quite happy to introduce Community Patch 1.73 to you. You can download it here.

Have a lot of fun with this new patch, which'll be the final result of our work!

New manuals and translation into Czech language

Dear Gothic-Community,

recently we uploaded some changed versions of our manuals. We fixed some spelling mistakes, but we also did some extensive work on the manual for modders.

We're pleased to tell you we're now able to offer you a Czech version of our manuals. We hope the Czech members of the community like to read our manual in their native language. :-)

Once again, we wish you a lot of fun with our patch,

Your Community Patch Team

Community Fullpatch CP 1.72

Gothic Community,

For all of you who would like to have a complete patch - So we offer you now the CP 1.72.

The community patch 1.72 presents the summary of CP 1.70 and CP 1.71.

The CP 1.72 has a size of 888 MB and includes no new additional Fixe!

Conclusion: Who has installed the patch CP 1.71 does not install the CP1.72.

Your CPT

Note: The patch 1.72 will on the next PC Action DVD-Edition (this May) appear. (German PC-Game Magazine)

Community Hotfix CP1.71

Dear Gothic community!

After about 4 weeks of work we present you a hotfix, which resolves some mayor and some minor issues. With this our work on Gothic 3 has now come to an end. .

Prerequisite is a Gothic 3 version installed on stand CP 1.70 .

You can simply install the hotfix and continue using your Cp 1.70 saved games. But community patch 1.70 is needed.

We hope, everything is at wish now.

Have fun!

Yours CPT

Spread of downloads doesn't stop ... !

Dear Gothic community,
all the lines are still glowing, to take CP 1.70 directly home towards you. Seemingly the spread didn't stop anytime since the release - that's great, and we want to thank you again for your responses!

Along with that, we want to give you a little stats update of all direct downloads, that aggregate to about


The spread via USB sticks, compact disks and other data mediums is not even included into this counter.

We hope, you'll have lots of fun with Patch 1.70,
yours Community Patch Team

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